Written Helena!

I have not blogged in a while – in fact, my last blog post dates from over a year ago. In the meantime I have moved job and country. One reason for this silence is that as academic publishing goes it is a long slog. Although the manuscript of Helena went into “production”, as they say, in September 2021 it took many months to sort out all that goes with the final book – copy-editing, index, image permissions, proofs, endorsements etc etc.

But now it is, actually, here.

I have four pages of acknowledgements in the book, which I won’t repeat here again, but so grateful to everyone who made it happen. This includes a massive group of people who I have only met virtually, on Twitter, but who have been cheering me on tirelessly. It seems portent that this platform may end or at least will change into something different just when I’ve finished with Helena.

Although, have I finished? If anything, this blog has been a place for my musings about late antique women more generally, many of which did not make it into the book or had to be culled from the manuscript. So I am not quite done with them yet. Watch this space!


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